Website Design

Website Design

Customer-centric website design

Never compromise on the user experience – that has been our approach to web design since the beginning. Every color, every graphic, every navigation point, every element of every webpage is a conscious decision by website designers that have worked to gain an intimate understanding of your relationship with your customer. As the world moves into the post-newspaper, post-yellow pages era, your website will become the first impression and central point of contact for your customers. That level of responsibility requires a web development approach that considers the customer experience at every stage.

Timeless, thoughtful website design

At Cogneato, our website designers do not rely on templates littered with the gimmicks and visual clichés that are commonplace across the internet. We pride ourselves on producing sites that are clean and inviting in style, intuitive to use, and truly reflect the character of our clients’ companies and organizations. We realize that for most of our clients, a website is just one part of their many marketing materials. A well designed site will coordinate with these materials, as well as accent their message with expanded information and tools that are more cost effective to deliver over the web.

Smart, simple navigation

One of the most noticeable examples of our passion for customer-centric website design is the care with which we approach navigation. When a visitor arrives at your website, the navigation is what translates their desires to results – a process that should be effortless. Our website designers have developed a unique style of navigation planning that presents the user with clear, simple choices. This approach prevents your visitors from getting lost deep inside your website after wading through layer upon layer of links.

Built for expansion

Our website design philosophy focuses on the years that follow the launch of your website. The decisions that we make during the web design process are based on over a decade of experience, allowing us to predict how you will expand. Our web designers' attention to the future produces a website that gracefully expands to accommodate the new directions of your company, reducing longterm costs.