Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Cultivating customer relationships online

Connecting with your customers online begins with identifying their desires and producing an experience that allows them to easily act upon those desires. Our website management systems provide tools to help you understand your customers better by engaging them where you already have their attention. You can then turn that attention into sales, use it to engage their friends through social networking and viral marketing, or to create other actions that can be tracked and built upon.

Search engine optimization & online advertising

Every site that we design is built with search engines in mind. Effective search engine optimization starts at the very beginning of your website’s development and continues after your site is launched. As part of our search engine optimization packages, we offer:

  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • Review of search engine friendliness issues
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Content creation suggestions
  • Incoming link acquisition and submission to minor search engines
  • Review and analysis of traffic information
  • Search engine rankings research for primary key-phrases
  • Monthly report detailing our findings

We also offer Google AdWords management, as well as other online advertising packages.

Email Marketing

Cogneato Control Center provides a full-featured bulk email system, allowing newsletters and promotional emails to be sent to any or all of your customers. The templates for the emails are designed to match your website and other marketing materials. Once the email is sent, a full report is keep on every interaction that each individual recipient has with that email. This data can then be used to produce follow-up promotions for customers that show interest in specific content.

Social Network & Viral Marketing

The marketing potential of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, simply cannot be ignored for the online presence of most businesses. We offer management of social networking pages, as well as training on better managing your own social networks. Additionally, every page on your site can be designed to easily allow your visitors to share them with their friends on Facebook and other social networks.

Every item on your website can be set to allow visitors to "share this with friends" via email. Whenever someone uses these tools, everything is tracked, including their email address, their friend's email address, and the message that they sent. Administrators can then use this information to produce targeted user lists based upon these expressed interests.