Website Programming & Technology

Website Programming & Technology

Powerful, intuitive website management software

Every website that we develop is built upon the same stable, powerful management software, Cogneato Control Center. Now in its fourth generation, the Control Center began its life as a simple content management system, long before such packages were common. Since then, Cogneato Control Center has matured into a robust website, customer, and marketing management system.

So much more than content management

Our clients can manage every aspect of their online businesses from one system. The Control Center integrates content management, member/customer management, email marketing, social networking, secure file storage, product and order management, reporting, and more. The individual components of the Control Center are designed to work seamlessly together, allowing us to cost effectively produce powerful, custom website solutions.

Website management that anyone can do

While the Control Center has an amazing amount of power "under the hood", we have taken special care to keep it easy to use by anyone with basic computer knowledge. Editing a page is done with familiar, word processor-style controls. You never need to deal with HTML. Uploaded photos are sized, formatted and placed on the page automatically, without any need for a image processing program. Arranging items on the page is done with a simple drag-and-drop motion. Even launching new posts can be scheduled in advance, allowing you to "create it and forget it."

Cogneato Control Center Features

The Control Center software is comprised of several component systems that work seamlessly with one another. Below are feature highlights from each system.

Administrator management

  • Administer websites from a normal web browser.
  • Set up multiple administrators, each with their own login.
  • Restrict access for individual administrators to only the areas that they are allowed to edit, with or without approval.
  • Automatically tracks administrator logins and edits.

Website content management

  • Edit any kind of website information that you can imagine: calendars, blogs, galleries, news, press releases, products, FAQ’s, contact directories, portfolios, videos, jobs, and more.
  • Public page design is unique to your website, not a template.
  • Admins can quickly edit any main content of any page with intuitive controls. Operations, such as deleting, sorting, and categorizing, can be performed in bulk in only a couple clicks.
  • Interact with items using simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Admins are free to edit the website content without any worries of harming the website design.
  • Uploaded images are automatically resized, formatted, and positioned without any need for a separate image manipulation program. Image thumbnails are automatically created.
  • Items can be scheduled to launch and expire automatically.
  • Easily track and manage comments and reviews posted on items by visitors.
  • Automatically tracks all “email this page to a friend” referrals sent by visitors to others, including their names, email addresses, and the message that they sent to their friend.

Member & customer management

  • Manage an unlimited number of people with a wide range of standard and custom data for each.
  • Organize the members into groups and sub-groups.
  • Search member database on any combination of fields. Complex searches can be saved for easy recall later.
  • Import and export members to/from other systems.
  • Members-only login areas of the website can store restricted or member-specific content.
  • Nearly every action of each individual member is tracked and can be combined in search results, including logins, comments, reviews, email referrals, page views, clicks within the site, clicks from other sites to your site, file downloads, purchases, interactions with bulk emails, and much more.
  • Every form on the website can collect customer data.

Social network & viral marketing

  • Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking features are integrated tightly throughout the system.
  • When adding an event, product, or any other item to the website, admins can create Tweets and Facebook posts about it at the same time, using the same content.
  • Tweets and Facebook posts can be scheduled in advance and will be posted automatically to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Tweets and Facebook content can be managed without ever logging into Twitter or Facebook.

Email marketing

  • Send newsletters and other promotional emails to any or all member groups or saved custom member searches.
  • Email templates are custom designed to match the look of your website and other marketing materials.
  • Designed to avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Emails can be sent at a scheduled date and time or based upon any date within each individual member’s record.
  • Tracks clicks, views, forwards, bounces, and more. Can produce reports for all recipients or individual members.
  • Web pages are automatically created for full page articles that have brief excerpts within a newsletter.
  • Emails can be resent to an updated list and will automatically skip members that have already received that email.
  • Follow-up emails can be sent to select groups of members based upon their interactions with the original email.

File vault

  • Securely upload and store files of any size online for access by approved people. Website administrators have complete control over who can and cannot download each file.
  • Files can be flagged to require an agreement to a license or other legal document prior to downloading the file.
  • Admins can email links for selected files to member groups or to individual people. These links can be expired by date and by number of downloads.
  • Member groups can be given login access to selected folders. Once logged in, they can download files from their folders.
  • Links can be produced to allow the download of a specific file from a public web page. These links can later be pointed to a different file or disabled entirely, even if the admin does not have access to the web page that they are on.
  • Full records are kept for every download. Reports can be produced to show who downloaded files, when they downloaded them, what link they used to download them and more.

 Reporting & marketing

  • Public pages are designed for search engine friendliness.
  • Quick access to Google Analytics to see the “big picture” of how your site is reached and being used.
  • Easily compare visitor interest in two or more items within one section or different sections. For example, you could compare the popularity of two or more different scheduled events, or compare an event to a product.
  • Analyze site usage by individual visitors. Each action by every website visitor is tracked and can be quantified to produce exportable lists of visitors with specific interests.
  • Produce links to target locations for individual marketing campaigns. Details about visits through each of these links are tracked and can be included in reports. The target of the link can be changed by the admin at any time.